• Roil ensures fully implemented


    We take responsibility for our teams’ training because we want to make sure that it’s done right.

  • Here to save you time and money


    At Roil Energy we specialize in performing in-building lifts with our selection of engineered and fully certified Inverted Jibs.

  • Your One Call Solution


    Ask us how about our commercial services. We can provide small to large jobs the equipment needed to get that job done for you.

  • Baymax

    expanding fleet

    Adding another 9 Ton picker to the fleet is the needed addition your next job requires. Call us to talk about how we can make the right fit of equipment work for you.

  • Extended field of activity


    Fly jibs allow us to open up a wider range of new applications. They add the reach and angle needed for the straight up and straight over placements. You will get both of those options when hiring a fly-jib capable picker truck.


Services We Offer

Fully insured company offering a wide array of services

Since 1996 we have built a reputation and an expanded list of services through expert workmanship and exemplary customer service.

Picker Trucks & Light Hauling

We provide picker truck and custom ‘in-building’ lift services to our valued clients. We also provide light hauling and ‘hot-shot’ services to the oil and gas industry, and others.

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Maintenance & Fitting

The maintenance of any site is a key consideration, especially when safety is an issue. We have the skilled personnel and equipment to handle these processes, and many more.

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Welding Fabrication

We have portable welding units and fully-equipped fabrication shop. Our services are not limited to the oil and gas sector. Bring us a challenge. We will create a solution.

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Modular Structures

We provide modular structures – or ‘camp shack’ – set up, removal and maintenance for oil & gas, forestry, and anyone else who needs commercial modular buildings on remote worksites.

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Why Choose Us

Since 1996 we have built a reputation and an expanded list of services through expert workmanship and exemplary customer service.


When it comes to our clients, our staff, and the public we always ensure that safety is our primary focus. We are proud to boast over two decades of exceptional service with a pristine safety record.


We supply the very best in tools, expertise, and related materials for commercial and industrial projects. Our fleet of trucks is well-maintained at all times and we are ready to go.

Industries Served

We have proudly served the industry leaders of Grand Prairie’s oil and gas sector as well as others for twenty years and have become our clients’ go-to source for picker services.

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