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Numerous clients in multiple industries in and around the Grand Prairie area – particularly oil and gas – rely on Roil Energy for ensuring proper maintenance and pipe-fitting at their job sites. With our trained technicians and the right equipment we can meet our many customers’ needs with safety, ease, and efficiency.

We pride ourselves as being the problem solvers of the industry! Providing maintenance crews, journeyman and apprentice pipefitters for “turn-around” and “shut-down” services, “jack and roll” services, site cleanup, gravel spreading, scrap removal, man basket work, in addition to general maintenance, there are very few jobs we can’t do.



Our team of competent, qualified and experienced operators can tackle nearly any maintenance issue you’re having from simple valve swaps to more complicated plant “turn arounds”, Roil will be there when you need us!

We provide a very diverse list of maintenance based services and can tackle nearly any issue your having. Our list of services is constantly growing so please feel free to call one of our experts to further discuss your needs. Some of the services we currently provide include but are not limited to: general plant and field maintenance, valve replacements, blinding, PSV removal and installs, pump jack maintenance, pipefitting and tube bending, cooler bundle repair, removal and installation, electric motor removal and replacement, fuel gas scrubber installations, and bulk oil installations and much much more



Welding Needs

Our portable welding service vehicles are each one ton 4X4 trucks equipped with custom flat decks for welding and Lincoln welding machines for projects big or small. Our crews’ attention to detail and safety protocol allows us work safely on some of the most potentially hazardous sites in the industry. From our comprehensive safety program (including continuous monitoring for potentially dangerous atmospheres) to our highly-trained and safety-conscious operators you can be assured that we will get the job done right the first time – and with minimal risk.



Fitting Solutions

Our journeyman and apprentice pipefitters are highly-experienced and well-trained in the standard operations and safety protocols of  the oil and gas industry.

Equipped with the tools of the trade including Rigid 300 and 700 power threaders, hand-threading equipment, cold cutters, builders’ levels and much more our teams have what they need to meet your challenges.

Typical projects include pipefitting and threading, piping mods, the installation of fuel gas lines and scrubbers, the rerouting of wellhead valves, complete bulk oil installations, oil cooler installs, the replacement of check valves and chokes, binding and more.



Repairs & Call-outs

It can be a challenge when things don’t go according to plan. We understand. That’s why we make every effort possible to be available to you when you need us most, including prioritizing our valued clients when they need repairs – and fast.

No matter your emergency, we can respond to most client needs immediately. If by chance, we are booked for the day, we will always be able to respond to your request the following day. If your repair is out of our scope, we will help you find a solution.

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CERTIFIED Maintenance

As shown in the map below, our service areas extend a good distance from the Grand Prairie area encompassing most of Alberta, the eastern bulk of British Columbia, and northwest Saskatchewan. If you aren’t sure if we can get you, please contact us and we will get back to you quickly with an answer.

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