Whether your need is great or small, let us know so that we can get the right picker truck, maintenance crew, or portable welding unit to your worksite as quickly as possible.

(780) 933-9662

(780) 882-5572

(780) 830-0508

Typically we are able to respond to your needs immediately, we have trucks and staff ready to go. However, if we are already booked for the day we can usually tackle your job the very next day.

Yes we are! All of our staff go through industry-required training and safety courses. Beyond that, we have a fully-implemented safety program of our own that governs each of our processes, as well as the journeyman and apprenticeship programs that we run. We are a fully insured company with COR certification and we are registered with Comply Works, ISNetworld, and Avetta.

Yes, we are a federal carrier and we have the capability of hauling your loads with our diverse fleet of picker trucks. Whatever you need to move, we can “pick it” and “haul it” to wherever you need it to go.

Nine times out of ten we can “remove it”, “pick it”, “haul it” and “fix it”. If the repair is out of our scope for us, we can help you find the solution.

Absolutely! We do “hot work” on a daily basis. Each of our staff carries gas detection Monitors. Our welding crews have continuous monitoring capability. All of our diesel units come equipped with positive air shut off systems, and every unit has fire suppression on board. We are very comfortable doing “hot work”.

See our Picker Trucks & Light Hauling section for a comprehensive explanation on picker truck sizing and capacities.

Yes, we can provide the labor and equipment required such as skid steers, dump-box trailers, flat decks, in addition to the cutting equipment and trucks required to keep your sites clean.

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James R.


Office: (780) 933-9662

Cell: (780) 933-2144

John B.

General Manager

Office: (780) 933-9662

Cell: (780) 933-2144

Shelby R.

Safety Coordinator

Office: (780) 933-9662

Cell: (780) 933-2144


Logistics Coordinator/ Dispatch

Office: (780) 933-9662

Cell: (780) 933-2144

Darren P.

Heavy Duty Mechanic

Office: (780) 933-9662

Cell: (780) 933-2144

Brandon C.

Operations Manager

Office: (780) 933-9662

Cell: (780) 933-2144


As shown in the map below, our service areas extend a good distance from the Grand Prairie area encompassing most of Alberta, the eastern bulk of British Columbia, and northwest Saskatchewan. If you aren’t sure if we can get you, please contact us and we will get back to you quickly with an answer.

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