3 Ton Articulating Knuckle Boom Cranes
September 3, 2020

Road Runner & Sonic are our smallest units. They were designed to mirror our larger cranes by rear mounting the 3 Ton cranes allowing for increased lifting capacity over the rear of the truck. We have found for the custom lifting applications that we commonly do, that having the cranes over the rear of the unit made it easier to lift inside buildings as well as providing increased reach and capacity as the crane is then closer to the load. These units are also far lighter and more maneuverable than our larger trucks allowing them to run on roads during road bans and get into tighter locations. 

These units are also equipped with “reverse jibs” with a capacity of 1500lbs making them perfect for many smaller lighter “in building” lifts on such items as electric drives, small engines and compressors and just about anything else you can think of that needs to be removed from any tight confines. We also have special attachments to allow quick hook up to any of our 1 or 2-person man baskets for lifting workers to allow access to all sorts of aerial work. 

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