Picker Truck & Knuckle Boom Cranes

CNRL H-24 Timelapse Video

We are excited to share this time-lapse video which perfectly represents what we do best at ROIL Projects Inc. in our Picker Division. We’re confident in saying with this custom lifting technique we have helped to revolutionize how natural gas engines, compressors, electric drives, large vessels and much more are removed and installed, allowing equipment to be serviced, repaired or replaced without having to dismantle the building to allow access! 


About the Project

For this project, we were hired by CNRL to remove a failed Waukesha H-24 natural gas engine, transport it to and from the mechanic’s headquarters where it would be re-built, and carefully return the re-built engine back to its site for the re-install.


Picker Truck & Knuckle Boom Cranes

This time-lapse video showcases one of our custom engine lift bars in action. These engineered and certified engine lift bars are custom made for varying engine sizes. Our design allows us to hook onto the engine’s lifting points, and then with our rear-mounted knuckle boom cranes and reverse jibs we are able to expertly navigate the crane inside the building, hook up to our engine lift bar, and extract engines upwards of 10,000lbs through the main doors. Over the years, ROIL Projects has become the leader and innovator in specialty lifting, designing, building and engineering these custom units in order to service our ever-growing unique client base. 

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