Modular Services Division


Modular Services Division

This 200-man camp install just South West of Fox Creek consisted of setting up a camp for Roil Modular Services crew to live in while organizing the rest of the onsite facilities. We worked with one of our trucking partners to haul in a total of 54 12’x 60’ modular structures and related support equipment. […]

Roil Energy Services Picker and Maintenance Division

Roil energy’s crews work on multiple projects from single day shut-downs to complete plant “turn around” services. One of our latest jobs required us to repair a treater at one of the local oilfield chemical waste treatment plants. The job consisted of the de-pressuring, blinding, and the locking out of a treater vessel, according to […]

Roil Energy Services Maintenance Division

One of our ongoing projects is the disassembly of a separator tower in a sour gas plant just south of Grande Prairie. This job represents a time-consuming process due to several factors, ensuring safety concerns while working in a confined space. Weather conditions, and the need for our teams to work at extreme heights, further […]