Picker Truck & Knuckle Boom Cranes

CNRL H-24 Waukesha Engine Swap

911 calls have become the norm for lots of our clients, oftentimes equipment removals are not a scheduled item, more often than not it’s found to be the only course of action by mechanics performing routine service work and a removal and repair is the only solution. 


About the Project

CNRL, one of our valued clients commissioned Roil Projects Inc to remove a failing natural gas compression engine and haul it back to Grande Prairie, Alberta for repairs. We were asked to come out and scope the job to see if it was possible to remove it from the building’s entrance doorway; which is the way we typically remove these engines whenever possible. For our clients, It saves time and money if we can use one of our reverse jib knuckle boom/picker trucks to sneak into the building via an access door or panel, attach one of our custom made engine lift bars, and then remove and replace the failed unit. Our operations manager Brandon Charbonneau went out to the location to see if it was possible to pull it using a reverse jib as the mechanics were unsure if it was possible. Once on site Brandon quickly realized that it was going to be an extremely tight lift and accessing the doorway wasn’t going to be possible


Picker Truck & Knuckle Boom Cranes

After further discussion with operations on site it was decided that the best course of action was going to be to remove a section of the compressor buildings roof and lift the engine up and through the access point cut in the roof. A roofing crew was called immediately and our crew was also dispatched right away. Once the roof section had been removed, one of our senior operators and one of our riggers performed the extraction. The job was tight but it went off perfectly. We will be headed back to the same location once the engine has been repaired to perform the re installation process.

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