Picker Truck & Knuckle Boom Cranes

Peace River Reservoir Lift

Access Heating and Cooling, one of our valued partners called Roil Projects Inc. to help with an HVAC job for the town of Peace River, Alberta. The scope we were given was to install a large air handling unit to provide heating and cooling capabilities inside of the Peace River reservoir lift station building.


About the Project

Once on site we offloaded the air handling unit from the transport truck and realized how far inside the building we were going to have to reach in order to set the unit. We rigged up “Spike” ,our 30 ton crane with its 16,000lbs. capacity reverse jib, then rigged up the unit as tightly as possible to be able to reach in under the overhead door and place the unit on the far side of the building…this one was definitely a tight one.


Picker Truck & Knuckle Boom Cranes

Getting it in through the doorway was no problem but booming out and placing the unit so far into the building was a bit of a challenge. However with “Spikes” ability to shoot into the doorway then using its’ 15 degrees of reverse angle on the main boom allowed us to get all the way to the far side of the building, setting the air handling unit with ease!. The crews on site were blown away with how quickly we were able to pull off the job and with “Spikes” unique capabilities.

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