Picker Truck & Knuckle Boom Cranes

Through the Roof

The ROIL Projects team was dispatched to hoist a natural gas engine out of a compressor building that could only be extracted through the roof. This is quick and effortless job for our crew using the Knuckle Boom Crane.


About the Project

In this particular instance, our only access point was through the roof, so we went the traditional rout and called in our 30 ton Knuckle Boom Crane to hoist the engine out of the building.


Picker Truck & Knuckle Boom Cranes

Once the engine is repaired the ROIL crew will return to safely put it back. However, in other cases where the piece of equipment that needs to be craned can be transported through a single man door, a roll up door, a double door…etc. we use our innovative reverse jib technique that saves you money, time, and your roof!

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