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Husky Energy/Ironline Compression F18 Waukesha

Our client Ironline Compression out of Grande Prairie, Alberta was awarded a job through Husky Energy to exchange a used compressor engine. These engines typically run 24 hours a day until they are hour’d out and then an “engine exchange” (where in they need to remove the old engine before it fails and replace with a new or freshly rebuilt one) is booked with a mechanical company (Ironline Compression in this case). The engine discussed in this job was a 7800lbs. Waukesha F-18 natural gas engine that needed to be swapped out.

reverse jib pulling our motor
reverse jib pulling out motor

About the Project

The typical process for a job of this size in the past would be to have to call out a scaffolding crew in advance, to build scaffolding to access the roof. From there,  an insulating crew and an instrumentation crew would need come out to disconnect anything attached to the roof inside the building. The insulators would remove the roof panels to gain access for a mobile crane to lift the old engine out and set the new one in place. This is a long drawn out process that would consume a lot of time and more importantly, money.

ROIL Projects Inc. has revolutionized the process in work situations such as this.

Utilizing our state of the art knuckle boom cranes with reverse jibs we are completing projects with more efficiency, saving time and money for our clients.


Picker Trucks & Knuckle Boom Cranes

In this particular project, the exchange engine was dropped off at our Roil headquarters the day before the job was to start. From there, we loaded up the new engine and travelled to site first thing in the morning to meet up with operations and the mechanics on site. Once permitted we set up our truck, in this case we used “Spike” our 30 ton unit with a 2 piece 16,000lbs. capacity jib. Our operator expertly guided the reverse jib into the building via an access door way or “knock out” panel. Our operator using a radio remote control from the crane was able to expertly guide the boom into place while being inside the building. From there, our rigger hooked up our specially engineered engine lift bar to the old engine and hooked it to the reverse jib.  Our operator then lifted and guided the old engine out of the building through the door and set it beside the new engine. Mechanics then swapped out any accessories off of the old engine onto the new one that were required while we rigged up the new exchange engine. The new engine was then lifted and placed. To complete the job, we loaded the old engine onto our truck and travelled back to the mechanics shop where we off loaded the old engine for them to rebuild for the next exchange in the future.

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