Picker Trucks & Knuckle Boom Cranes

Secure Energy Laglace Oil Field Waste Disposal and Treatment Facility

ROIL Projects Inc. are generally tasked once a year or so to provide picker services at this facility in order to assist in completing a “treater tube turn around” which generally consists of…


About the Project

ROIL Projects Inc’s services are used annually to provide picker services at this facility. The removal of two, 30′ long, 12000lbs “treater tubes” requires us to use our larger picker units to extract the treater tubes from a larger treatment vessel. Generally, due to the size and awkwardness of the tubes themselves, we “tandem” (use tow pickers at once) lift the tubes out and set them on a transport trailer. Our expertise makes this project easily manageable and we are the people that have the solution for their problem year after year.


Picker Trucks & Knuckle Boom Cranes


  • The project consists of removal of both tubes and sending on a transport truck for inspection at on off site location.
  • ROIL Projects Inc executes the installation of 2 new or previously inspected tubes back into treater vessel. 
  • We work in conjunction with operations and maintenance contractors to re install new tubes, burner assemblies and exhaust stacks back in place and put treater back in to service.

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