Saving the Internet


Saving the Internet

-Critical task- Internet fiber optic lines supplying a large amount of networks run through this box. Fiber lines are very fragile and can break easily. Can you or your business go a week without internet? That’s what could have happened if the wrong crews were on the job. Thanks to Northstar hydro vac and Roil […]

In-Building Lift

One of our company’s unique skills…”in-building lifts”.   All of our knuckle picker units have reverse jib’s designed to facilitate heavy equipment removal without the need to remove roof panels or cutting access holes. We often can be in and out in only a couple of hours!

Treater Repair

When ever you need us we will be there to provide maintenance and turn around services 24/7, 365 days of the year.  Last weekends’ program… working in the bitter cold, Roil’s fitting crews and picker division performed a high priority treater repair at a local facility late Saturday night.

Sulphur Clean Up

It’s dirty work but somebody has to do it!  Roil will not shy away from labour intensive projects.  An ongoing project for us is maintaining and performing repairs on a local sour facility’s Sulphur plant.  Here crews remove solidified Sulphur with jack hammers and shovels to expose heating coil for inspection and repair.  Thousands of […]

Roil Energy Services Picker and Maintenance Division

Roil energy’s crews work on multiple projects from single day shut-downs to complete plant “turn around” services. One of our latest jobs required us to repair a treater at one of the local oilfield chemical waste treatment plants. The job consisted of the de-pressuring, blinding, and the locking out of a treater vessel, according to […]